The Norad funded AquaPark Project “Environmental monitoring and modeling towards sustainable aquaculture development in the Philippines”, a follow-on-project from Norad-funded EMMA. The project developed a methodology for the selection of new sites for the establishment of mariculture park (MP), enhanced the management of the existing mariculture parks and those that will be incorporated into a mariculture park framework. The project was to build capacity within BFAR for science based site selection, carrying capacity estimation and productivity optimization of Mariculture Parks. The project enhanced the government’s capabilities in identifying new aquaculture zones, calculate sustainable aquaculture carrying-capacity for these zones, and develop guidelines for good aquaculture practice in these zones. This allowed the Government to plan the development of new aquaculture areas in a responsible and sustainable way based on the carrying capacity of the area for aquaculture.

AquaPark Carrying Capacity PDF PPT
AquaPark Concept PDF PPT
AquaPark Impacts PDF PPT
AquaPark Mid-Term Meeting - Interim Results PDF PPT
AquaPark Mooring Trail PDF PPT
AquaPark Oil spill guidelines PDF PPT
AquaPark Project Management Framework PDF PPT
AquaPark Socio Economics PDF PPT
Economic impact of Mariculture park PDF PPT
GIS for Site Identification PDF PPT
Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture PDF PPT
Panabo TROPOMOD modelling PDF PPT
Panabo Wave Model PDF PPT
Preliminary Sediment Results PDF PPT
Presentation AquaPark PDF PPT
Site Selection Criteria PDF PPT
Use of GIS for Site Selection Criteria PDF PPT