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In 2011, at the U.S. soybean industry's meeting on Global Soy in Aquaculture in Kona, Hawaii, USA, the American Soybean Association - International Marketing (ASA-IM) identified the modeling of common water bodies to determine carrying capacity for aquaculture as a critical need for Southeast Asia (SEA). Having seen the over-development of aquaculture in China, with its resulting environmental problems and excessive disease and mortality of cultured fish, they wanted to promote more rational aquaculture development in SEA. The modeling of common water bodies to determine aquaculture carrying capacity (ACC) is a critical need for Southeast Asia (SEA). Aquaculture overcapacity contributes to a decline in water quality and reduced growth and survival of fish in cages.

This two-day regional workshop, sponsored by the United States Soybean Export Council (USSEC), was attended by 32 people, including 24 country representatives from seven SEA countries, 4 outside speakers and 4 USSEC personnel. On day 1, presentations on aquaculture modeling were given by the outside speakers, followed by aquaculture status reports from the seven countries given by the country representatives. On day 2, group discussions identified key ACC issues that are common to the countries of the region, prioritized those issues for resolution, and established a framework for a regional network (beginning with the representatives from the seven countries) to work on these issues. It was noteworthy that participants from all countries face very similar issues related to ACC and therefore can benefit from a regional approach to addressing those issues


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